laying-down2016 Margaux de Brane, Ch. Brane-Cantenac, Margaux

Product: V7707B
  • For laying down


Château Brane-Cantenac needs no introduction; it is the smoothest and one of the most consistent properties in Margaux. It is for that very reason that we asked them to produce our own-label Margaux. Sadly for us, due to the enormous demand for the wine, the château decided three years ago to bottle it itself, as a third wine, under the name Margaux de Brane. The 2016 vintage is without doubt the best I have witnessed in my 15 years buying Bordeaux – offering such consistency across all quality levels. This – the 2016 Margaux de Brane – is no exception to the rule, and is so good that our Buying team all bought a couple of cases as soon as we had tasted it. It is one of the best-value wines I have ever bought; I heartily recommend you stock up to drink now and over the next three years. It also happens to look stunning on the table, should you have distinguished guests.

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Bottle Price 75 cl $235.00