1931 Armagnac, J. Nismes-Delclou (40%)

Product: 60070F


This 1931 Armagnac possesses a brilliant coppery colour. The nose is spicy, with hints of dry prune and light oak. There is a similar zing in the mouth, with flavours of dry prune preceding a long, mellow finish.

Established in 1832 by Baron Hausmann, J. Nismes-Delclou is Armagnac’s oldest producer. The distillery boasts an exceptional collection of vintage Armagnacs stretching back to 1881. It sources the finest wine from Bas Armagnac, before distilling and ageing the resulting spirits in cask in its 100-year-old cellars. With time, these Armagnacs develop an incredible velveteen texture, as well as complex and seductive aromatics reminiscent of florals, sweet spice, caramel and dried stone-fruit. This prestigious Armagnac comes in its own elegant, wooden presentation box.
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