Complimentary Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Butler Bar & King's Ginger

Product: KG001F + 03CWBM


Our Christmas Gift to you upon any spending of HK$3,800.

Gift includes one bottle of King's Ginger & a Christmas Milk Chocolate Butler Bar.

The King’s Ginger is wonderfully uplifting when enjoyed on its own and comes to life in many delicious cocktails. It’s the perfect foundation for any occasion.A revitalising and warming spirit that brings people together. 

This scrumptious Peppermint Chocolate Bar from Charbonnel & Walker makes such a delicious Festive treat. Peppermint flavoured White Chocolate decorated with decadent Dark Chocolate swirls and Peppermint flavoured sweets.

Bottle Price 50cl + 105g $375.00