laying-down2005 BriO de Cantenac Brown (Magnum)

Product: 2005-1500-00-8146540
  • For laying down


The second wine of Third Growth Château Cantenac Brown, Brio always represents great value. From the illustrious 2005 vintage, this wine is just starting to show that tell-tale brick red colour. The developing bouquet is one of redcurrant, menthol and hints of rose petal.  The medium-bodied palate is vibrant, with swathes of forest fruit, svelte tannins and crisp acidity.  Give this a few hours decant from magnum, and you have one of the best-value second wines available. 

{color}Red{color}                                                                                                {maturity}laying-down{maturity} {maturity-text}For laying down{maturity-text}
Bottle Price 150cl $685.00